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Książki / Books

(2014) The Meaning of Constructions. The Cognitive Denial of the Lexicon-Syntax Division. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.

(2013) (with Andrzej Łyda, eds.) Awareness in Action. The Role of Consciousness in Language Acquisition. Springer Verlag.


Artykuły / Papers

(submitted) Jak precyzyjnie opisać konstrukcje. Idiosynkrazja i produktywność w Konstrukcji Reakcji Niedowierzania. Precyzja w opisie językowym

(submitted) Pragmatic Strengthening Is Not Strong Enough. Meanings of Sequential Closed-class Forms. Journal of Cognitive Science

(submitted) (With Małgorzata Pachoł) The Form and Meaning of the Incredulity Response Construction. Constructions Online

(in press) (With Ivanete Mileski) Competição entre afinal e enfim. Domínios de Lingu@gem

(in press) O quê? Trabalhar? Ele? O Sentido de Incongruência na Construção de Reação de Incredulidade. Entrapalavras

(submitted) O que, afinal, significa afinalLetrônica

(in press) After all is not so conventionalized, after all. The evolution of the meaning of discourse markers. Linguistica Silesiana

(submitted) What? You and Me Get Together? The Place of the Incredulity Response Construction in the Lexicon-Syntax Continuum Within and beyond the Lexicogrammar Continuum. Amsterdam:John Benjamins

(in press) (With Cássio Leite Vieira) Thou Shalt Not Judge. Selective Perception in Judgments of Linguistic Correctness In Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta Marginalization Processes and Institutional Practices. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

(2014) Quanto significam as construções? Sentidos de formas de classes fechadas Cadernos de Letras UFF, Anáfora e correferência: temas, teorias e métodos, 49, 2014.

(2014) Klęska urodzaju gramatycznego. Rodzaj i równouprawnienie płci Arabski, Janusz; Będkowska-Obłąk, Marzena & Ziębka, Justyna (eds.) Obraz płci w języku i kulturze. Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych w Katowicach

(2014) How Much Meaning Do Constructions Really Convey? In Andrzej Łyda, Grzegorz Drożdż (eds.) Dimensions of the Word Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

(2014) Konstrukcje emocjonalne. Wpływ funkcji emotywnej na formę konstrukcji. Będkowska-Obłąk, Marzena; Łyda, Andrzej & Ziębka, Justyna (eds.) Językowe aspekty agresji. Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych w Katowicach

(2014) Information Structure Conflicts Linguistica Silesiana vol. 35

(2014) Too Colorful To Be Real. The meanings of multi-word patterns. In V. Henrich & E. Hinrichs Computational, Cognitive, and Linguistic Approaches to the Analysis of Complex Words and Collocations. Tübingen: ESSLLI: 65-72

(2014) The Way to Abstraction. The X’s Way Construction in Academic Discourse In: K. Warchał i A. Łyda Cultural Interfaces in Academic Setting and Beyond. Uniwersytet Śląski: Katowice, pp. 105-118.

(2013) Awareness in Action. Introduction.  In A. Łyda & K. Szczesniak (eds.) Awareness in Action. The Role of Consciousness in Language Acquisition. Springer Verlag.

(2013) You Can't Cry Your Way to Candy. Motion events and paths in the x’s way construction. Cognitive Linguistics 2013; 24(1): 159 – 194

(2011) To Inherit Everything. Variation in Quantifier Restriction. In Kamila Dębowska-Kozłowska & Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (eds.) On Words and Sounds: A Selection of Papers from the 40th PLM, 2009

(2010) (with Marcus Callies and Eva Ogiermann) Genusschwankung bei der Integration von englischen Lehnwörtern im Deutschen und Polnischen. In C. Scherer and A. Holler (eds) Strategien der Integration und Isolation nicht-nativer Einheiten und Strukturen. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter: 65-86.

(2009) (with Radek Janik). The End Identifies the Means. In W kręgu teorii. Studia językoznawcze dedykowane Profesorowi Kazimierzowi Polańskiemu in memoriam

(2008) Unaccusativity Marks. In D. Gabrys-Barker (ed.) Morphosyntactic Issues in SLA. Multilingual Matters  2008

(2008) Manner of Obtainment. Constructions Online January 2008

(2008) (With Marcus Callies) Europameisterschaft zu erdribbeln. Verb Particle Constructions in Sports Reporting. In Eva Lavric, Gerhard Pisek, Andrew Skinner, and Wolfgang Stadler, The Linguistics of Football. G.Narr Verlag 2008

(2007) (With Marcus Callies) Argument Realisation, Information Status and Syntactic Weight – A Learner-Corpus Study of the Dative Alternation. In Walter, Maik and Grommes, Patrick (eds.) Fortgeschrittene Lernervarietäten Niemeyer Verlag


Popularno-naukowe / Pop-sci

(2013) Não Julgarás Ciência Hoje 302. Rio de Janeiro: SBPC, 30-33.

(2010) (with Cássio Leite Vieira) Língua Inata? Uma Conversa com Adele Goldberg, Ciência Hoje. 48/283

(2010) Revolução na linguística in Alicia Ivanissevich and Antonio Augusto Passos Videira (eds.) Memória Hoje. Ciências Humanas. Rio de Janeiro: FAPERJ, 163-168

(2010) (with Cássio Leite Vieira) A Mais Estranha das Línguas. Uma Conversa com Len Talmy, Ciência Hoje. 46/275

(2010) (with Cássio Leite Vieira) A Maior Invenção Humana. Uma Conversa com Amalia Gnanadesikan, Ciência Hoje. 45/268

(2007) (with Cássio Leite Vieira) A Língua no Cérebro. Uma Conversa com Peter Indefrey, Ciência Hoje. 41/242

(2005) O retorno da hipótese de Sapir-Whorf. Ciência Hoje 36/214

(2005) Erros no campo de tiro, Crítica na Rede.

(2004) Nascimento de uma língua, Ciência Hoje 210. Rio de Janeiro: SBPC, 11-12.

(2004) Palavras relâmpago, Ciência Hoje 207. Rio de Janeiro: SBPC, 16-20.


Recenzje / Reviews

(2015) Review of Maria Nikolajeva's "Reading for Learning. Cognitive approaches to children's literature" Linguist List. http://linguistlist.org/issues/26/26-1820.html

(2014) Review of Goschler & Stefanowitsch "Variation and Change in the Encoding of Motion Events" Linguist List. http://linguistlist.org/issues/25/25-3039.html

(2006) O processo evolutivo da língua. Resenha do livro A palavra ameaçada, de Ivonne Bordelois. Ciência Hoje 226. Rio de Janiero: SBPC,74.


Hasła encycklopedyczne / Encyclopedia entries

(2008) 5 entries: “Alcohol”, “Concubines”, “Harems”, “Royal Mistresses”, “Taj Mahal”, in Howell, James (ed.) The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Love, Courtship and Sexuality. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.


Różne / Miscellaneous

(2007) (With Marcus Callies) Usurpative Etymology of Suppletive Forms. Summary on Linguist List 18.68.

(2014) Translations from Portuguese. Some poems by Paulo Leminski, in Piotr Kilanowski (ed.) Meu coração de polaco voltou. Katowice: Gnome.




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