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Teper, L. & G. Sagan, (1995). Geological history and mining seismicity in Upper Silesia (Poland), In: H.P. Rossmanith (ed.) Mechanics of Jointed and Faulted Rock, Balkema, Rotterdam, 939-943.


The model is presented showing possible influence of the USCB geological evolution on seismicity in the area. The model is proposed in connection with a main wrench zone existing in the basement of the USCB. It is suggested that this fracture may generate a derivative fault network in the cover. The model assumes that the loading of the cap-rock is modified. An interaction between vertical stress modifications and strong, residual Alpine (and/or recent) orogenic activity in Carpathian Mts. causes uplift coupled with horizontal stress differentiation. The differential stress (s1 - s3) arises and the conditions for the formation of strike-slip faults are created.