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Nizicki, R. & L.Teper (1999). Z badań strukturalnych systemu uskoku kłodnickiego. Mat. XXII Symp. "Geologia Formacji Węglonośnych Polski", AGH, Kraków, 101-106.

Structural examination of the Klodnica fault system (the Upper Silesian Coal Basin)


The Klodnica fault cuts across the northern part of the USCB. Geometry of the fault zone in the central part of tested area goes to show that the fault system may have suffered phase of left-lateral movement. Width of the zone varies with both dip slip and angle of the slip of the fault surface. Those changes result in local turning the Klodnica fault into reverse-separation fault. The curvature of the Klodnica fault gives zones of convergence and uplift that match laterally across the fault surface. Principal stresses plotted considering both equal area projection of fault data and measurements of hackle marks allow recognising structural pattern as resulting from shear produced by an ESE-WNW sinistral shear couple.