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Lisek, A. & L. Teper (2004). Analiza rozmiarowych parametrów uskoków w KWK "Staszic"; klucz do interpretacji ewolucji stref uskokowych. Mat. XXVII Symp. "Geologia Formacji Węglonośnych Polski", AGH, Kraków, 93-98.

Fault dimensions in the “Staszic” coalfield (the Upper Silesian Coal Basin): a key to recognize growth of a fault zone


Dimension-displacement relationship is examined for faults cutting southern slope of the Main anticline in the USCB. Single normal faults are analysed according to J.H. Rippon (1985) and J.A.M. Barnett et al. (1987) instructions. For en echelon faults J.J. Walsh and J. Watterson (1990) method is adopted. In the case of more complex dislocations, which have several local Dm values, an original analytical approach is introduced. When treated as joined en echelon structures they reveal scaling D(W) relationship in the set with n value equal to 1.7265.