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Nizicki, R. & L. Teper (2002). Porównanie stopnia tektonicznego zaangażowania skrzydła wiszącego i zrzuconego uskoku kłodnickiego na przykładzie OG KWK Halemba. Mat. XXV Symp. "Geologia Formacji Węglonośnych Polski", AGH, Kraków, 109-114.

Measures of tectonic complexity for Halemba coalfield (Upper Silesian Coal Basin): comparative study of foot and hanging walls of the Kłodnica fault zone


The most recent identification of coal seams 340 and 405/2 was considered to determine the degree of tectonic complexity of deposit panels located in opposite walls of a large fault zone. The panels were subdivided into tectonic blocks. Faulting index was calculated for each delineated block. Tectonic complexity of the deposit was evaluated according to commonly used classifications. The results reveal lower level of tectonic complication of the panel situated within downthrown side of the Kłodnica fault zone.