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Idziak, A. & L. Teper (1996). Fractal Dimension of Faults Network in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland): Preliminary Studies, Pure and Applied Geophysics, 147 (2), 239-247.


Fractal analysis of faults network, tremor foci spatial distribution as well as Gutenberg - Richter relationship could help to explain if the biggest seismic events are connected with recent tectonic activity. Fractality of fault systems geometry as a first step of the analysis was tested for a part of the USCB embodying main structural units. The cluster analysis and the box counting methods were employed.

The calculated fractal dimension of fault network was 1.98 for whole area but for considered structural units it was close to 1.6. The results point to similarity of studied fault pattern to river network. Faults within selected tectonic units make separate sets having distinct geometry and origin. The value of 1.6 is an upper limit to the fracture geometry of rocks that can be explained on the basis of Griffith energy balance concept.