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Badera, J. & L. Teper (2004). Sto lat eksploatacji złoża miedzi i złota Bor (Serbia). Prz. Geol. 52, 12, 1133-1138.

Centennial of mining in Serbian copper and gold deposit of Bor


Bringing closer geological and metallogenic profiles of the Bor copper and gold deposit situated in eastern Serbia is the goal of this contribution, dedicated to the centenary of discovery and mining in the Bor metallogenic zone. During this hundred-year period ca. 2 million tons of copper and about 150 tons of gold have been mined from ore bodies in the Bor area. Extensive exploration carried out concurrently with mining has resulted in finding geological reserves which reached total quantity of about 10,5 million tons of copper and ca. 400 tons of gold at the end of 2000. Aside from a large economic importance, the Bor basin is of a special metallogenetic interest. That is numbered among the unique deposits, in which the porphyry copper mineralisation hosted by multistage composite plutons is accompanied by high-sulphidation massive copper sulphides and pyrite as well as stockwork-impregnation and skarns, which are related to hydrothermally altered andesites and high-level dyke swarms in sub-volcanic level.