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Idziak, A., L. Teper & W.M. Zuberek (1999). Sejsmiczność a tektonika Górnośląskiego Zagłębia Węglowego. Wyd. Uniw. Śląskiego, Katowice, 98pp.

Seismic activity and tectonics of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin


The book presents the results of the investigations on the regularities and causes of the occurrence of significant seismic phenomena in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. The analysis of seismic activity was carried out in the areas where the registered energy of tremors was higher than 1 MJ. These include main anticline, Bytom syncline, Kazimierz syncline and main syncline.

First chapters contain the description of the study development on the induced seismicity and the evolution of the ideas on the origin of strong seismic events in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin and the causes of the basin development with the special reference to the areas where significant tremors occur.

The main part of the book contains the description of time-spatial and energetic distributions of seismic phenomena. Characteristic relations in the population of strong events (e. g. fractality of epicentre distribution, changes of seismic activity, serial features of seismic phenomena and directional relations between tremor foci) are shown. Also types of focal mechanisms observed for strong seismic phenomena in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin are described. In the terminal part of the book the relationship between seismic activity and tectonics is depicted on the basis of seismotectonic model which indicates the presence of an active deep-seated fault zone below the northern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin.

The book also includes rich bibliography concerning tectonics and seismic activity of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin.